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Superhero Alter Ego

A surreal narrative inspired by superhero comic book story telling

Superhero Alter Ego takes the idea of using social media and comic books, satirising superhero archetypes to create a surreal, escapist narrative.


Superhero Alter Ego is Holly Rush’s experimental work, fusing movement styles of Waacking and contemporary dance.  This project was originally inspired by Superhero comic book storytelling. Holly has been researching the genre and was particularly interested in the different representations of Superheroes and how they have become a new modern mythology.

This was a dynamic project delving into the live and digital realms. Holly collaborated with a digital artist, Nicholas Delap, poet Fausta Joly, dancer Anna Spink, graphic artists, Jive, poet Hamish Rush and DJ Oliver Mills.

Performed at The Lowry 2022 featuring in Julain Gray's exhibition.

Commissioned by Curious Minds, 2021 as a 4 day workshop for the Local young people at Bolton Library.

Commissioned by HOMEmcr as part of PUSH2021 as webcomics, online videos and a instagram filter.

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Find Me

Music Video for IORA Music

Find Me is a music video released on the 21st May 2021. I had the amazing experience to be part of the first major arts collaboration for the label, No Such Thing Records. I collaborated with the amazing artist Sarah Eyre and IORA music. I performed and created the choreography for the music video.

Watch here

My Crocodiles

A semi-autobiographical solo, devised and performed by Holly Rush

The stimulus was an influential white face clown, Joseph Grimaldi. Grimaldi’s famous quote, “I am grim all day, but I make you laugh at night,” was a quote I felt strongly connected to. I explored, alter-egos, caricature, and the day to day comical and senseless pressure we put on ourselves to achieve a sense of fulfillment or satisfaction. Mixed in with my own life experiences, heritage and devising methods from clowning, a character was created.

The character finds itself in the same place. Again, and again it falls, forgets, fails, and maybe meets someone new. Expect some humor, sadness, and Lancashire Folk singing.

I see this solo as an exploration of ones own vulnerability and finds comfort in the humor of excepting our failings we have achieved in life.

Thank you to collaborators, Feliks Mathur, Talia Morey and Tom Williams who have been supportive companions.

This piece is created to be adapted to different spaces and has been performed in cabaret and traditional theatre settings. It has been presented at Camberwell Arts Festival, The Lowry Theatre, The Artist Asylum and Sane Asylum.

Watch here

The Welcome Light

Integrating creative writing & movement

The Welcome Light is a solo production written and performed my Hamish Rush and movement directed my myself. Crossing disciplines of lighting design, movement, and poetry, we worked together to explore the possibilities of fusing our practices together.

In this piece you are invited to enter a surreal world, a character speaks about his dreams, stories and visions. It leaves space for audience interpretation and to enjoy the experimentation of creative writing and movement.

Collaborator, Thea Luckock, was a big influence with this piece’s development.

The piece was in residency at Islington Mill and performed at True Fest. It is developed to be performed in gallery spaces and festivals.

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