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My work in facilitating, teaching and workshop leading has seen me work with young actors for the National Youth Theatre, teach dance to the refugee community for Ellen Hathaway Dance Company, choreograph assisted at The Lowry CAT scheme and lead movement workshops at Samadhan in New Delhi a school for children with disabilities. 

My mission is to create an inclusive space for the participants to feel comfortable but challenged in order to try new things and to leave the session with a new found confidence.

 Although I trained in contemporary dance, for the past 10 years I have expanded my practice by exploring other movement disciplines such as clowning, physical theatre, Waacking and Calisthenics. This combined way of working has gained strength in my body awareness that has been the building blocks to gain more confidence for my own self-expression. This has changed my perceptions of what dance can be and allowed me to break down others perception of dance through my community projects and performance work. I believe that anyone can dance and from my experience, using a variety of techniques makes it more accessible to different types of people and gives others an opportunity to create confidence in their own unique self.

Outreach Educational Workshops

August 2021

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Superhero Alter Ego took the form of community outreach projects over the summer 2021. The projects were commissioned from two organisations, Curious Minds North West for workshops at Bolton Library and Lot Licks for workshops at Culpeper Community Gardens.


The workshops were working with the youth in the local areas of Bolton and Angel, exploring the research behind Superhero Alter Ego. The participants, played games and worked on creative tasks that looked at storytelling, character development, superhero mythology, pop culture and comics. Both workshops created the opportunity for the participants to develop creatively and work interdisciplinary with dance, writing, illustration and digital art.


It was proven to develop the confidence and well-being of the participants as they worked as a team and learned new skills. The participants were given the chance to work authentically and have ownership in what they have created.


Outreach creative educational workshops is a core value for me as well as creating unique and inclusive performance experiences.


Watch this space for more news for performances and workshops!


Superhero Alter Ego was originally commissioned For PUSH 2021 by HOMEmcr as a digital online performance, coming in a form of webcomics, episodes and an Instagram filter. Do not hesitate to check out the digital experience at the HOMEmcr website which will be live until November.

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"Holly's encouraging manner & affirming workshop, combined with her strength, grace & skill, made all the children feel like superheroes! A great combination of art & action."

Participants parent at Culpeper Community Guardens

"Holly Rush is an amazing performer, using their gifts of physical communication, imagination and a gentle touch to build worlds for people all ages to explore. She brings a new perspective and approach to the way we tell our stories and move our bodies - one that is needed for both young and old!"

Fausta Joly founder of Joly Licks

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Contact Me

I am passionate about outreach programs, community work and expanding my practise to different communities of people. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me about getting to know me more and what I could offer to your community, school, college, university or institution. 

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