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Superhero Alter Ego takes the idea of using social media and comic books, satirising superhero archetypes to create a surreal, escapist narrative.


Superhero Alter Ego is Holly Rush’s experimental work in progress, fusing movement styles of Waacking and contemporary dance.  This project was originally inspired by Superhero comic book storytelling. Holly has been researching the genre and was particularly interested in the different representations of Superheroes and how they have become a new modern mythology.


Now Holly is taking inspiration from Julian Gray's exhibition Stories For Us and the portrayal of his comic characters to experiment the physical storytelling, inspired from his stories. Stories For Us has inspired Holly to look further into the research of comic book storytelling and what can be done more for more diversity in storytelling.  


The performances will take place at 13:30 and 15:30 and will last approximately 20 minutes each.


Audience members have the chance to become the villain by using the Instagram Filter called Data Eater, created by Nicholas Delap.

Click on the link which takes you to @super.heroalterego instagram and find the filter on the effects section.

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PUSH 2021 Commission from HOME

Available to watch on the HOME website

Follow our two superheroes Jesterius and Luci, in their surreal journey, from the sixth dimension to Manchester 2021 and the chaos that ensues, in four episodes using dance, creative writing, original music and Instagram filters!

State of the Arts Interview

3rd March 2021

Holly as an interview with Anokhi Shah about Superhero Alter Ego

EP 1.gif

Outreach Community Projects

Read more about how SHAE has developed into outreach projects in the link below.

The workshops were working with the youth in the local areas of Bolton and Angel, exploring the research behind Superhero Alter Ego

The Team

This is a list of some very talented people who have put in their own flavour to this project. As a collaborator, other artists practises and ideologies is something I value. 

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