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Interdisciplinary Dance Practitioner
Move, Outreach and Inspire

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Photo Credit Carys B Photography and Holly Rush

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I am an interdisciplinary dance practitioner based in Manchester UK. My mission is to break the boundaries of who gets access to high quality performing arts through education, performing and collaboration.

Movement and creativity is a therapy. It can become a journey of self-discovery and self-expression, encouraging others to not conform but to discover their own unique self-worth for themselves. My mission is to share this through outreach, education, creative workshops and pushing the boundaries of conventional performance.

I am a fanatic for storytelling through interdisciplinary and collaborative practise. I believe stories are an inclusive and creative tool which can tell us more about ourselves and the world around us. My latest work, Superhero Alter Ego looks at the Superhero comic book story telling genre. I am inspired by how the characters and stories have become a modern mythology which can teach us about ourselves in the modern world. 


Superhero Alter Ego has been commissioned for PUSH 2021 from HOMEmcr as an online performance, taking the form of webcomics and episodes. It has also been commissioned for Bubble Up 2021 from Curious Minds at Bolton Library and Joly Licks summer workshops at Culpeper Community Gardens in London. 


It is a project I aim to push forward by creating more high quality inclusive performances and outreach workshops for different communities and abilities.  

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Alter Ego

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